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“Complete Care”© Three year Warrantee:

Greener by Design engages in eco-friendly landscape gardening techniques to both create vibrant healthy gardens, and reduce our carbon footprint. Healthy soil is the basis for a chemical free garden. Through  soil culture, plant specific watering, and careful  selection of  disease resistant plants, we can avoid harmful chemicals and fertilizers in the garden.

What is Healthy Soil?

Soil culture is the basis for healthy plants. Many people think of soil as having a sponge-like capacity  where moisture and nutrients are stored. In fact,  much like our digestive systems, healthy soil is an organism,  that takes organic materials and transforms them into a form that plants can absorb.  Different plants utilize different soil cultures. Soil testing is the first step to knowing what to feed the organism or adjust it to the needs of the plants. We use organic fertilizer and compost to insure healthy soil for a healthy garden.

Selecting “the right plant for the right place”

Plants need three things to thrive,  water, light, and healthy soil culture. Proper maintenance involves selecting plants appropriate to  environmental conditions, and providing soil culture and moisture appropriate to the needs of the plants. Depending on what is most appropriate for the ecology of the garden and needs of our clients, our designs can range from native plants to  use the newest cultivars of annuals and perennials.


We are so sure of our work, that we will warranty all new plants  for three years in any garden we provide our complete care© program!